How to deposit on Betstar?

betstarexch casino
Betstarexch Casino review
  • 100% up to
  • ₹ 5000
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Depositing process

It is always fun to play with real money and we’ve already seen how betstarexch lets us play with our money and double our profits. Now, we will take a step back and see how a deposit can be made to kick start the online gaming journey.
It is very easy to deposit money using your usual payment gateways like debit cards, credit cards, UPI and even mobile wallets. The deposit is quick and you have to make a minimum of 5000 to be able to actively participate in most of the games available on the site. The bank account you use/ payment gateway you use to deposit money will also be taken as a automatic destination for withdrawal of profits later.
Step 1: Log in on Betstarexch casino
Log into the Betstarexch website and look at the top of the screen of the main page – betstarexch.com.
Step 2: Find DEPOSIT button
On the upper left corner, you will find two horizontal lines. Click on those and open the different options. Choose DEPOSIT. Alternatively on the upper right corner, you will find a DEPOSIT option directly. Click on it and proceed.
Step 3: Enter the amount of deposit
Enter the money that you want to invest into the site and play the games.
Step 4: Select payment method
Select your payment gateway and deposit the money like you’d do with any other site where you are making online payment.
deposit on betstarexch

Don’t forget that your passcodes and OTPs should not be shared with anyone. And you can read our tutorial if you are ready for real money game on Betstarexch casino.


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