Depositing on Dafabet

dafabet casino review
DafaBet Casino review
  • 120% up to
  • ₹ 7000
  • + Free 15 Spins

Depositing process

The online gaming experience takes a level up when you put real worth down to stake. In other words, you will have to put your money up for betting so that you can win more. Dafabet lets you do that without any hassle. Now that verification is done, let us see how to deposit the amount.
It is very easy to deposit money using your payment gateways like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, cryptocurrency and even mobile wallets. The deposit is quick and you have to make a minimum of 1000 Indian Rupees to be able to actively participate in most of the games available on the site. The verification and the deposit process go in hand in hand so you don’t have to look for them separately while you are on the site.
Step 1: Visit on DafaBet official website
Log into the DafaBet website and look at the top of the left screen for three horizontal lines. – dafabet.com.
Step 2: Find a button to deposit
Now choose the CASHIER option – it is a yellow button on top of the list that opens.
Step 3: Select payment method
Now select a payment method – Local bank, UPI, mobile wallets like Ecopays, Skrill, Debit or credit cards listed and Crypto currency like Bitcoin.
Step 4: Enter number of Rupees you deposit
Enter the money that you want to invest into the site and play the games. INR 1000 is a minimum requirement. At this stage, you can also complete verification.
Step 5: Select the category you want to deposit
Since there are categories of games, you can choose to deposit your money to a specific category like Casino, Ow Sports or more.
Step 6: Finish your depositing
Select your payment gateway and deposit the money like you’d do with any other site where you are making online payment.
how to deposit on dafabet

Remember that your password and OTPs should not be shared with anyone. Now you can look through our tutorial if you are ready for money game on Dafabet casino.


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