Real Money Game on Dafabet

dafabet casino review
DafaBet Casino review
  • 120% up to
  • ₹ 7000
  • + Free 15 Spins

Money game process

You can also place your money on the table and play like a real pro on Dafabet! With a minimum investment of Rs. 1000, you can play all the games for real with the adrenaline rush!
The whole point of an online Casino is to enjoy the same Casino feeling in the comfort of your home. An online Casino is the best option we have in the COVID hit world and India. Though we won’t be facing each other in real, Dafabet offers a lively atmosphere with well-animated games. The casino games and betting set ups also have hosts. If you know how to play well, you’ll definitely be earning or even doubling your investments. Once you meet the wager, you can withdraw the amount to your bank account.
Step 1: Enter to your personal account
Log into your Dafabet account and go to the main page – dafabet.com
Step 2: Select the game type
All the gaming options will be displayed on the home screen like – OW Sports, Dafa Sports, Casino, Bollywood and more. Click on anyone you like.
Step 3: Choose money type of game
Now all the games under that category will be displayed. Click on the game or sport that you like and proceed.
Step 4: Finish your registration
The website will ask you if you want the sounds on or not. Choose according to your convenience – Yes/No.
how to play for real money on Dafabet

The game will load and you can proceed to make your bets or play your moves with money. When you will be able to withdraw your winning – read our cash out money tutorial for DafaBet.


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