How to start real game for money on Jungle Raja?

jungle raja review
Jungle Raja casino review
  • +100% up to
  • ₹10 000
  • + Free 35 Spins

Money game process

Well, understanding the deposit was easy. But here’s why you should play with real money!
The online casinos are drawing the attention of players because of their closer-to-reality set up. That’s a fulfilled criteria in the case of JungleRaja. By depositing real money, you will get the full-fledged casino experience. The tension in the air, nail-biting suspense with the bucks on the table...that is the fun you deserve. You can win more money, be competitive and with the right tricks, make consistent profits. When you are playing online, you are responsible for the money you fetch out and place in the race. Be clever and play your Ace when it is the perfect time. After you win the cash, you can stick to the wager requirements and cash out your profits within 24 hours!
That being said, here’s how you can use real money on JungleRaja -
Step 1: Find the official JungleRaja website
Go to the website and log into your account: jungleraja.com
Step 2: Find the game you want to play
Scroll down to find the “Search Game” box. Type the name of the game you want to play or simply scroll down to choose one from the listed option.
Step 3: Select money game
“Play for Real” or “Play Free” – choose “Play for real”
Step 4: Now you are ready to play for real money
Your game will be loaded for you and you’ll enter the arena. Now you can place your bets and play your clever moves.

Here you can also find our tutorial of how to withdraw your winning money on Jungle Raja account.

how to moneygame jungle raja


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