How to restore Jungle Raja password?

jungle raja review
Jungle Raja casino review
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Reseting password process

Previously, we’ve told you how you can withdraw profit wins from your gaming account. Now, let’s see how you can change its password.
Well, there are several reasons why you might want to change your password - forgot the sequence, security issues, didn’t think the old one was strong enough or simply for the fun of doing it! It is very easy and convenient to change your password sequence on JungleRaja Online Casino platform. We take this process very seriously and require strict verification proofs to allow the change. To make it clear that no fraudster but our very own customer is planning to make the change, we level up our scanning skills to track any unfortunate anomalies.
Here’s how you can change your old password to something new -
Step 1: Find and visit official Jungle Raja website
Go to the website and navigate to the Login Section. jungleraja.com
Step 2: Find ``Forgot password`` button
Now click on the “Forgot password?” option, right below the login space.
Step 3: Confirm your email
You will be asked to enter your email ID. Once you do it, the link for password change will be sent to your mail. Open it and you’ll see a mail from JungleRaja Customer support. We confirm with you about an attempt to change your password.
Step 4: Find ``Reset password`` option
There you will find the “Reset Password” option and you will be redirected to JungleRaja page.
Step 5: Restore and get your new password.
Enter your new password and confirm your new password. Click on “Restore”. You will be taken back to your account.

We recommend you to verify your account for recovering your personal account for the case when somebody would steal you login. For more details click here.

how to reset jungle raja password


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