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Verification process

If you have your new password sorted, you can go a step ahead and decide to verify your identity with Casino Destinations team.
Verification is an important process on casino Destinations. Any kind of foul play where someone else impersonates you and loots your money – these kind of situations can be strictly avoided if you can verify your identity. As soon as you log into your account and choose the contact us option, you will receive a message on your whatsapp account from the casino destination team. Note that all kinds of customer care support will be provided on whatsapp chat and emails only. Unlike other online casino/gambling sites, you will have to make an initial deposit for the platform to process your verification. Otherwise, you will not be able to play to earn the bucks that you are looking forward to.
Step 1: Enter you personal account
Enter your Casino Destinations private account on official website – casinodestinations.mobi
Step 2: Make a deposit
Make an initial deposit of at least Rs. 500 on the platform.
Step 3: Make a photo of your id
Take a clear picture of your Aadhar card – both on the front and the back. Ensure that all the details are visible clearly.
Step 4: Contact our Destination casino support
Once you are done scanning the car, go to the Whatsapp chat that casino Destination team initiated. You can only do this when your deposit is done. Send your Aadhar details on the chat.
Step 5: Wait till support end your verifying
The team will verify your identity and sync your card with your account.
destination casino verification

Unlike other sites, you only need your Aadhar card to complete this process.


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