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Withdrawing process

What is the point of betting when you can’t reap the fruits? That is why you should know how to make the withdrawal after knowing about the deposit process. Two of them are not that different from each other.
One thing you need to be careful about is that the withdrawal request can only be placed between 12PM to 9PM on casino Destinations. Any requests in other timings will not be processed. You will receive the money in the associated bank account on the same day by 9PM. Only bank transfer is available. You can only go with one withdrawal request for the day and the limit is only 5000 INR. This is how the process goes.
Step 1: Contact customer support
You have to submit a request on the WhatsApp number – +94 767899999
Step 2: Confirm your personal data
You have to follow a specific pattern for application, otherwise the request will be rejected: Withdrawal amount, Account Holder’s name,
 Account Number, IFSC Code. And Enter all these details and send the message on the WhatsApp chat.
Step 3: Wait till your request will be approved
Your request will be processed and the amount will be released into the player’s bank account by 9PM the same day.
casino destinations withdrawal options

The maximum withdrawal that you can make is 5 times the previous Bank/Cash deposit made by the client. If you have any problems – read here what you have to do to verify casino Destinations account.


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