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Privacy Policy

At Luckylife’s casino review website the issue of player security and privacy is always acute. In this section, we’ve compiled comprehensive data on the collection, use and protection of users’ personal information.

Collecting personal information

When registering an account, each new player provides some personal information for authorization. A complete list of information about the user is offered to fill in when editing a personal profile. The complex asks for the following data: Full name, exact place of residence, day and year of birth, cell phone number and contact email address.

Where does the information go?

The collection of personal information about players takes place for the purpose of:

  • Confirming the player’s age of majority;
  • To allow users to access the full range of services offered;
  • Obtain resources to fulfill all obligations to users on the receiving side;
  • to timely notify players of special offers and novelties of the casino;
  • minimizing the likelihood of fraudulent transactions;
    Casino review website Luckylife.in guaranteed not to consecrate personal information about users to third parties. Such an outcome is only possible if the casino (or its component) is transferred or sold.

Security of storage of personal information

The information provided by the player of Luckylife.in is never given to governmental or other organizations by the receiving party. This policy can only be changed if the opposite is required by law. Given the privacy rights and wishes of our customers, they have the right not to receive letters, messages and calls to their phone number or email. The administration of the online Luckylife.in guarantees that all personal data will not be transferred to government agencies or other organizations. The exceptions are those cases where it will be required by law. Respecting the right of our users to privacy of the gameplay, we give every gambler the right to refuse to receive dispatches Luckylife.in by e-mail or sms-messages.

Website Luckylife.in always provides appropriate technical security measures, maintains a policy of nondisclosure and respects the established rules. All these measures are taken in order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of personal information about our customers to third parties, as well as its modification. All casino employees who work directly or indirectly with personal user information (as well as those who have access to it for processing) will act in accordance with the regulations of the privacy policy of their positions. Website Luckylife.in does not retain any player data once the purpose of its collection becomes irrelevant.

The processing and storage of personal information on players is done for the aforementioned purposes only and the customer may terminate this process at any time, on his own volition. To do so, simply notify us of such wish by any digestible contact method. Please note that a user who has refused to collect and store information at Luckylife.in website will have their account terminated. The privacy policy can be changed or updated: Luckylife.in review website reserves the right to revise it and the current version will always be updated on this page. If the purposes of customer data collection are revised, users will be notified accordingly.