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The Best Online Casinos in India

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Bollywood Casino
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 250 + Free 20 Spins
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Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹60,000 + Free 35 Spins
 / 5
Pure Win Casino
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 25000 + Free 20 Spins
 / 5
Genesis Casino
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 3000 + Free 20 Spins
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Welcome Offer
150% up to ₹15,000 + Free 20 Spins
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Welcome Offer
120% up to ₹ 7000 + Free 15 Spins
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Casino Days
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹100,000 + Free Spins
 / 5
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹10,000 + Free 200 Spins
 / 5
Jungle Raja
Welcome Offer
+100% up to ₹10 000 + Free 35 Spins
 / 5
Ab4 Casino
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 25000 + Free 20 Spins
 / 5
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 5000 + Free 15 Spins
 / 5
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 25000 + Free 20 Spins
 / 5
Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 15000 + Free 20 Spins
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Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 5000 + Free 15 Spins
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Welcome Offer
100% up to ₹ 20 000 + Free 10 Spins

Online Gaming Platforms are all about enjoying the ambiance of a Casino set up in the comfort of your house. You would still be dealing with a bookmaker on the website, but that would happen virtually while the digital world gives you all the information and tricks to excel in the event. understands the Indian Online Casino fascination. With the pandemic spreading havoc and the evident comforts of home sweet home, online casinos in India have become quite famous. We take the responsibility on ourselves to strictly analyze all the aspects of the website, and tally the pros and cons to eventually bring out the best online casino in India for you. Our reviews are unbiased and well-thought suggestions from gambling experts who have dwelled in this field for significantly good years.

The Real Money Casino Games in Online Setup

Virtual World have always raised concerns in the minds of people and the concept of Real Money Online Casinos is no different. Whenever you discuss real money online casinos, the first words that spread panic are ‘scam’, ‘cheating’, ‘exchange rate’, ‘withdrawal’, ‘wagering’, and whatnot. Though these are undoubtedly reasons for concern when things go wrong with online casinos, does everything to sort things out and provide you with the best online casinos in India. will find the best real money casino on the world wide web and channel out and display only the trustworthy and reliable options for our enthusiastic players. There is everything transparently presented about the online casinos so that you can make the choice for yourself.

There is no fear of deposits or withdrawals either. We try to recommend real money online casino in our online casino reviews that take INR payments and have reasonable wager requirements to withdraw money. We also give you the entire knowledge about local and federal laws that the real money online casinos might use against you if they are having intentions of cheating or scams. On the whole, we make your online betting and gambling experience a real fun pastime with our expert recommendations and inputs. Diving into the world of real money online casino can never get better than this! You will find our online casino reviews to be the most insightful!

Beginning the Journey of Online Casino in India

There is a major misconception among people that real money online casinos are somehow tougher to deal with than land-based gaming places. Irrespective of where you find it, a web-based casino is a brilliant platform to let some steam off and earn extra bucks. And believe it or not, a real money casino makes things more hassle-free than a normal offline one.

To prove that point we will tell you how to register and begin your journey in an Indian online Casino.

  • Step 1 – Read LuckyLife’s online casino reviews and choose the best one of your liking. 
  • Step 2 – Register by entering your basic identification details with the website and ensure that you are giving the right details for the platform’s further correspondence.
  • Step 3 – Deposit your initial funds to the casinos online
  • Step 4 – Select a game/sport/betting activity and start your gambling/betting journey.
  • Step 5 – And then when you win at the casinos online, you can go ahead and withdraw the money after meeting wagering requirements.

Now, if you compare these three simple steps with land-based casino, you can see who has the upper hand ( Online websites, of course!)

Selecting The Best Online Casino for Yourself

Now that you have the needed interest to gamble online for money, let us take a step ahead and choose the best online casinos, to begin with. People often say – ‘Aren’t they all offering the same games? How is any online platform different from the other?’

Any casino online will differ from the other based on several factors. LuckyLife has listed these criteria for you and our expert online casino review will help you choose the best fit for you! Let us go ahead and see what you need to see before finalizing the most trusted online casino for yourself. 

Things to Look for While Selecting your web-based Casino

These are the simple pointers that you need to look for while choosing an online website for gambling. If you have these rights, you can label the platform as the best Casino in India. 

User Interface and Design

Though many people ignore this criterion, LuckyLife takes it pretty seriously in our online casino review. Any casino online should have a good interface. The whole experience of gambling online for money begins with the interface. You need to check if the website has the ambiance to keep you hooked, a better display to show the odds, scores, and balances and at the end of the day, it has to be fast!! 

Ease of Deposits

When you visit a casino online, it is important to check if they have the proper means to deposit money and make withdrawals. And by proper means, we imply that the casino website should have payment gateways that are convenient for the Indian audience. This can be UPI payment, Net Banking, Phonepe, Google Pay, PayTM, or even Mobiwik. For instance, Cric10 is an Indian online casino that has most of the Indian UPI and Netbanking methods to allow transactions. Does that mean only Indian Online casinos allow this system?

Absolutely Not!

On the other hand, Purewin is among the casinos online that doesn’t have an Indian Headquarters or origin but allows transactions in Indian-friendly gateways like Skrill and Neteller. This is important to establish a long-term association with any casino online and create a trustworthy environment. 

Next come the most interesting part, the casino bonuses

Bonuses of Indian casinos

If it is your first time playing real money games in India, you must know that most of the web based options will offer welcome Casino bonuses to players. But that is not the point of contention here. It is choosing the ‘right’ casino bonus for yourself. They usually offer clear terms and conditions along with the exact amount of welcome Casino bonuses that they are willing to give. Pay keen attention to the terms and only choose the website that makes it easier for you to wager and withdraw your earnings subsequently. Otherwise, you’ll just be stuck with a website and not see the growth that should ideally be your right. 

Options of Casino Games

There is no point being excited about a casino bonus when the online casino games are so substandard. Choose those casinos online that have a series of new games and a fast interface. Also, even if they have lesser choices, make sure that the quality of games is good and you are able to access all casino games. Also, the casino games must have something special or interesting to keep you hooked. Based on your preferences, opt for the best online casino from LuckyLife’s recommendations. 

Availability of Live Casino

Even Indian online Casinos have started to introduce the concept of Live Casino. A live online casino is a setup where the players will be dealing with a real bookmaker and not a virtual AI. They will be assigned virtual rooms and will have the choice to interact with other players during the course of the Casino games. They also provide casino bonuses and everything gets alive and realistic touch. Most of the trusted Indian online casinos, including the New online casinos, are now offering this service.

App Services

These days all the top online casinos are offering App services. If you don’t have a laptop, you can still be a part of Casino games! The apps are designed to provide a compact experience of all the casino games and this is something every player should be looking for! All the new online casinos are already making this a mandatory requirement for customer convenience. 

Customer Support Team

Be it your doubts about casino bonuses or Live casino timings, website games, or payment methods – a customer support team must always be available to deal with customer queries. They should be available through chats, calls or emails. This will create the right impression for the players and also keep the gaming ambience intact. When online gambling for real money for the first time, the customer support team will be a blessing. They should hold the knowledge to guide players and the best online casinos in India will never skip them. 

Doorways for Responsible Gambling

Indian Gambling is fun. But it will take no time for it to become an obsession if you don’t monitor your activity. Top online casinos must make sure that they are providing substantial knowledge about responsible gambling also have tools to place a full stop when Indian gambling is being a customer’s everyday obsession. Try to choose a casino that really cares for your well-being. This is one of the main things LuckyLife checks for while listing the Best Online Casinos in India.

The Best Online Casinos for You in India

Now that we understood how things work in the overall setup, LuckyLife has a list of the Top 5 Indian Online Casinos that will treat you with the best games and services. After dedicated research and first had usage, we have found these online casinos in India that dominate even certain international platforms. 


This Indian online Casino will definitely find its place on the list. It is sincerely dedicated to Indian players and offers casino games according to their preferences. It also has the live casino option and a quality customer support team (E-mail communication). This Casino bonus includes a welcome bonus of 20,000 INR along with 10 Free Spins and a 35x wager requirement. You have to make a minimum deposit of 1000 INR, to begin with, the casino games on the platform. We vote it the best for its ambiance and perfect interface! 


You should definitely try out thor online live casino! The interface and the dealers are so friendly, tricky and create the needed adrenaline rush to keep players hooked. The Casino bonus includes 10,000 INR cash and 35 Free spins. You need a 20x wagering requirement for withdrawals. You can begin your journey with 1000 INR and play most of the casino games for unlimited time. The 100% Casino bonus is a huge plus! LuckyLife recommends this to our loyal readers because of the best ambiance in the online live casino setup. 

Bollywood Casino

This one is on our list of top online casino for all the right reasons. Bollywood Casino is the best Indian website that offers about 20 free spins and requires only 500INR as an initial deposit. It offers a wager of 35x and gives a welcome bonus of 10,000INR. We think that this is the most entertaining website because of the perfect and gorgeous interface that it provides!

Come On!

Come on is a very good website for beginners who have just discovered Indian Gambling Sites. The initial deposit is 1000INR again and it only offers a welcome bonus of 2500INR. To compensate for that, they have reduced the wagering requirement to 10x. You get 20 free spins, which is more or less similar to other web options. Nevertheless, the website offers a great time and everyone should try it once!


Though it is not one of the Indian gambling sites, it is certainly the first option of several Indians because of its games and bonuses. The website offers a series of card games, betting opportunities, and gambling options that Indians have come to love! For the Online casino games, it offers free spins worth 1500INR and a welcome bonus of 30,000INR. When you consistently play on the platform, you will receive a 50% reload bonus of up to 15,000INR. This website also provides Indian friendly payment gateway! See why we count it along with other best online casinos in the country? 

You know what are your options! But how will you know to choose the best fit from the options that we introduced to you? We will know all about it in the next section!

How to Find an Online Casino For Your Entertainment?

Online options for gaming are undoubtedly the best source of entertainment for people who enjoy online gambling in India. But when it comes to making the choice to opt for the one that you want, several criteria come into play. Online choices are going to offer several things and you have to go for the one that meets your requirements. Some would prefer live casino, others would want AI. Some would only go to sites with Blackjack while others would prefer to have Roulette. What would seem like the Best Casino in India for us may not be remotely close to the best for you. That is why we have categorized Live Casino and general Online gambling sites into these sections. 

Sites with Best Casino Bonus

These online casinos offer the best casino bonus with reasonable wager requirements. These profitable options make playing and gambling an easy task, and of course, the monetary benefits are rewarding.

  • Purewin – Up to 90,000INR Bonus
  • Bollywood Casino – Up to 10,000INR Bonus
  • 10CRIC – Up to 20,000INR Bonus
  • JungleRaja – Up to 10,000INR Bonus
  • Casumo – 150% up to 10,000INR Bonus
  • JeetPlay – Up to 70,000INR Bonus

Online Gambling sites with Best Casino Games

These best online casinos have the most entertaining options of Casino games and Live casino that will keep the players hooked. Some of the games include – ROulette, BlackJack, Bingo, Sports betting, Poker, Baccarat, and more. We will discuss further the games in the next section. Some of the online websites that we suggest are:

  • Bollywood Casino
  • Crick10
  • JungleRaja
  • Come on
  • JeetPlay

The Best Welcome Bonuses From Online Casinos

Online Gambling sites offer welcome bonuses to attract players to their platform. These are the ways to kickstart the journey of online gambling in India. These bonuses are absolutely free and there is no way they are going to harm you. In fact, using these bonuses, you can get an estimation about what the platform is offering for gambling in India. If their options of online Casino in Indian Rupees are favorable for you or not.

There are new casino sites that show a high amount of welcome bonuses – like really high amounts that you can’t ignore! However, they have equally high wager requirement that takes quite some time to meet. According to LuckyLife, the top online casino will offer reasonable casino bonuses with low wager requirements. This will make the gambling journey easier.

Some of the sites that offer the best casino bonuses include:

Indian online casinoBonus
Purewin100% Up to 30,000INR for Gambling
CRIC10100% Up to 20,000INR
Casumo150% Up to 15,000INR
JeetPlay100% Up to 70,000INR (Seasonal Bonuses included)
Bollywood Casino100% Up to 10,000INR

The Diverse Options of Online Casino Games in India

Online Casinos in India are gaining quick popularity because they are offering way more than what a typical land based casino would offer. You have diverse options right at your feet and you can switch and choose from several online casino games. This flexible approach makes the online websites a better option than the same old Casino set up. Maybe, if you start looking into the things that online options offer, you’ll like something that will definitely impress you!! 

These are some of the games you will find in the Online Casinos in India.


Gambling in India is incomplete without Roulette! Most of the Online casinos in Indian Rupees offer this game. It has a numbered compartment and a ball is dropped while the wheel of numbers spins. The players place their apt guesses on where the ball might land! And if you got that right – Hurrah!! Seeing how it will make you sweat and jump up and down in excitement, this game is one of the popular options among the casino games available with the Indian website. 


You cannot talk about online casino games without mentioning Baccarat. Recently, this game is being included by New Casino sites because of its interesting pattern. The players will be making their guesses on a combination of three cards while the live dealer will be dealing them during the course of the game. While the two hands deal, the comparisons keep continuing to ultimately declare one winner. Any top online casino that you spot these days has Baccarat on it. 


It is impossible that you have been gambling in India and never heard of BlackJack! Online casinos in India love this game! You will be dealing against a dealer and the one with the higher points cards will win the round! The number shouldn’t exceed 21 though! You see how marginally you can miss the win? This uncertainty is what makes online real money games all the more fun! Blackjack is on that list!


These are the online casino games that are great for beginners and experienced gamblers as well. They come in different combinations, numbers, shapes or even simple event predictions. While it completely depends on luck, a little knowledge and skill will take you a long way! This is one of those online real money games that is equally risky and entertaining. Most of the online websites host virtual slot machines now.

The Indian Games with Real Money Investment

Best Indian online casinos are now offering the option to deal with real money! All the reviews that LuckyLife gives you include some of the best casino sites in India that like to create the right environment to deposit, deal and withdraw money! The best part? You can make profits both in the form of monetary funds and immense experience!! You start off small and grow big!

These online casino games are available to play for real money investment. 

Andar Bahar

The concept of Andar Bahar game very simple – you either beton the cards inside the deck (Andar) or the ones that are being dealt with outside (Bahar). If your prediction comes out to be true, the online website will reward you heftily. 

Jhandi Munda

Dice has been an important instrument in Indian Online casinos. If you dig deeper, it has been in play since the Mahabharat era. The game involves you betting on the combinations on the dice and your subsequent correct predictions will bring you profits from the Online gaming platform. 

Teen Patti

All the best online casinos will java Teen Patti as a gaming option! You bet on the best three-card combination against the dealer and the best set of cards will win! This game has many variations and has remained to be the top choice of players and the most trusted online casinos as well.

Live Casino in India

There will come a time when the term web-based casino will become synonymous with Live Online Casino. That is the amount of craze that it has in the market. No wonder the best online casinos always have a live casino set up. It involves a real dealer guiding the game with an ‘in the moment’ interaction among the players, every odd display and turn of events is strictly natural and unscripted. Live Casino in India gives the feel of a real casino in an online environment. You will see several people vouching for it because the adrenaline rush is no less than a land-based casino! Do you see why the online platforms are in love with this one?? Live casino also happens among the most trusted online casinos. 

What are the Games Available in a Live Casino?

Indian Online Casinos that offer live casino have diverse options for Online casino games. These are some of them that you’d encounter.

  • Andar Bahar
  • Teen Patti
  • BlackJack
  • Roulette
  • Live Poker
  • Baccarat

If you like to dwell in the online casino games that focus on luck and less on the skill, you can go with:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Slot Machines
  • Jhandi Munda
  • Live Monopoly

Online Casinos in India are quite common. But are they entirely legal? This is a frequently posed question about an online setup. The answer is simple – YES THEY ARE LEGAL!

Before you can be extremely happy about it, there are some clear exceptions. It has to be the most trusted online casino that offers Indian modes of payment. There shouldn’t be a hassle during monetary transactions.

Also, the Best casino sites in India usually do not have an Indian origin. In other words, the website should not originate from India but can operate from any other country. The sites that are made by Indian folks are also based somewhere else but conduct the games and interactions in our country.

Any live casino in India should not be making transactions in foreign currency.

If all these conditions are met, then any website can join the list of the favorite Indian online casinos and organize online casino games (though they are technically not Indian). 

Gambling Laws associated with Web-based Casino

Thinking about how to spot the most trusted online casino? It will be the one that strictly follows the gambling laws. In that case, the platform has nothing to fear and only offers the best. If you don’t pay keen attention, the Indian gambling laws can confuse you. However, we will make things easier. 

Most Indian states do not have listed legislation that says that online gambling or playing online casino games is illegal. However, in these states, it is better to play through foreign bookmakers and foreign-based Live online casino.

On the other hand, there are states where even the best online casino in India is strictly prohibited. These states are Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, and Gujarat. Offline or online – no gambling. If someone is still doing it, that would be at their own risk!

And then come to the states where both online and offline gambling is completely legal!! – Sikkim, Goa, Nagaland, and Meghalaya are the states where you can play casino games in a land-based casino or online casino games in the most trusted online casinos. The rules might differ for tourists and localities though.

For instance, in Sikkim, tourists can only play in three different casino offline and unlimited online. The Local citizens get to play in local casino only and the best online casino on the world wide web.

1867 – Public Gambling Law

It is a national gambling law of India that gives states the right to establish their own gambling laws in their jurisdiction. Seeing how the Indian online casinos weren’t popular then, you will see that the law was written keeping offline casino in mind. Nevertheless, it is because of this law that states like Telangana, AP, and Gujarat do not entertain any other Online gaming platform. 

Prosecutions Removed

If we turn the pages of history, there is no record of someone being severely prosecuted for playing online casino games. However, people were prosecuted for organizing and handling casino in states where it is prohibited (Even if it is the best online casino!). 

State Gambling Laws

Because of the Public Gambling law, the rules for live casino in India will differ from state to state. When they let you gamble, it includes both online and offline casino setup. If not, then both are prohibited. Other states do not have fair and mentioned rules, so you can do it as long as it is not causing legal troubles (laundering money, Goods smuggling, scams). 

Here is a simplified table for you:

Uttar PradeshMostly Illegal
KarnatakaNo rule stating illegal
West BengalMostly Legal
DelhiMostly Legal
MaharashtraMostly Legal
Andhra PradeshIllegal

In the rest of the states, associating with the Online Casinos in India is a choice at your own risk and you can always go with foreign-based casinos that operate here. 

Licenses for any Online Casino

All the Best Online Casinos in India are licensed! This will ensure that the platform is offering authentic gaming services and keeps all your personal information under secured databases. While giving our reviews, LuckyLife checks for the licenses and once confirmed bestows the site with the title of most trusted Online Casino. 

When Online casinos in India are concerned, the licenses from Malta and Curacao are most prominently observed. 


Also called the MGA license, it is quite common among the world’s online gambling websites and the best online casino in India is no different. Europe’s most trusted online casinos are seen to have this license as a mandatory requirement. 


The Curacao license gives some payment liberations and also happens to be the most trustworthy and reliable option. It lets the bookmakers offer cryptocurrency as a mode of payment along with the other options. Seeing how the live online casino in India also offer cryptocurrency, It’s a boon for the Indian players. 

Casino Bonuses while Playing in India

The Best Online Casinos in India offer Bonuses to players. However, they can be of different types:

  • Welcome Bonus – A one-time initial bonus given for joining the best casino sites in India! 
  • Bonus on Deposit – Once you make your initial deposit, a portion of your deposit is given to you as a bonus. This will help you find out if it is ideal to begin your journey on any of the online casinos that you are planning to check out. 
  • Free Spins – You can spin in the wheel in slot games without any payment. 
  • Loyalty Bonus – Best Indian online casinos love to pamper their loyal players with these bonuses, spins, or sometimes, hard cash! 
  • No-deposit bonus – In case you are hesitant to give your initial deposit, this bonus will give you money to test the waters on any Live online casino. 

Famous Casino Payment Methods in India

You pay fast then you play fast! This is the motto that Online platforms go by! These are some of the payment gateways encouraged by Best Casino sites in India

Card Payment

You can use your Debit and Credit cards to make payments on the Best online casino on the web!. This can be a MasterCard or VISA. Seeing how a credit card is secured with the one-time digital payment system, most of the best Indian online casinos are encouraging card payment. 

Google Pay

It goes without saying that Google Pay is India’s favorite mode of payment for hassle-free transactions. Free of Charge transactions are possible where funds are released through the GPay UPI ID on the websites. 


This is an online wallet that stores cash in digital format, similar to what Google Pay does. You can transfer this digital money to any of the best casino in India and earn MuchBetter credit points that can be redeemed for prizes! 


PayTM Karo! – As the tagline says, you can PayTM your money to any of the online gaming website in the form of Indian rupees. It is connected to your bank account and draws funds directly from there. 

Mobile Casino Games and their Suppliers

After the introduction of Smartphones, the world operates from your pockets! Then why not the Best online casino in India? It is possible to play games on any web-based casino using mobile and the interface fits perfectly on your screens. Here are some of the famous Indin suppliers for Mobile casino games.

Pragmatic Play

The 4K screen resolution with crisp picture quality makes this platform a customer favorite! They have started off with simple slots games and now offer a wide range of options for players! You can play Blackjack, diverse slot games, and even Dragon Tiger on this mobile Casino platform!


This is a favorite for Indian players because they have games that are modified for the Indian audience! These include – Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Poker, and Jhandi Munda as well! They even have dealers who speak fluently in Hindi (a native Indian language). 


Even though the interface is designed for mobiles, the earnings are hefty and can range up to crores! More than any other games, this mobile casino is famous for its diverse range of slot games. Ever since 1994, they have been keeping players hooked. 


You have a mobile app that provides a live casino environment with live Bollywood tables and player interactions! This is one of the most widely known mobile suppliers for online gaming! The dealers are spontaneous, the design and layout are too realistic with out-of-the-world sounds and apt display. 

If you haven’t checked them out yet, it is high time that you leave everything behind and check these out. While you commute from one place to another, you can click on a few buttons and add more cash to your accounts! Wouldn’t that be a surreal thing to do?

Answering Your FAQs!

How do I get a welcome bonus from the Best Indian Online Casino?

It is possible to get the welcome bonus from any of the Best Indian Online casino by simply registering with the site and making your initial deposit. You can receive 100% amount of your initial deposit as your welcome bonus. 

What do you mean by Real Money Online Casino?

Just break the words into simple pieces – Real money, where you will be using your real cash. Online – an activity happening on the world wide web. Casino – A gaming environment of exhilarating fun (Online Casino)! You will be using your real money to play games in an online casino ambiance!

Is it Legal to Play Games in Online Casino?

A generalized answer for this would be – Yes, it is legal to play in an Online Casino. However, the legal laws will differ from state to state in India.

Is it easy to deposit money in an Online Casino?

Nothing can be easier than depositing money in a casino! These places offer Indian payment methods like – Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, VISA and MasterCards, Netbanking, or international payment routes like Skrill and Neteller. You can use any of them to deposit money in the Best Indian Online Casinos. 

How do I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings after you meet the wager requirements. Once that is done, you can redeem your winnings through the same payment gateway you used to make the deposit on the Best Online Casino. Usually takes 4-74 hours to reflect in your account. 

Is the Best Casino in India (according to LuckyLife) trustworthy?

We agree that there are several websites that are not even close to being trustworthy. However, LuckyLife only labels those websites as Best Casino in India when they have proper licenses, the best interface, transparent operations, and a good track record. 

What are the gaming options in Casino Online?

The Best Indian Online casino will at least offer the option of games like – Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Teen Patti, Solitaire, Slots, and Baccarat. It might differ from website to website.

Can you become rich and make money using Online Gaming Options?

Yes, you can certainly make money using Online options. However, it is important to adhere to the habits of responsible gambling and not resort to seeing gambling as a primary source of income. The money acquired is a pastime achievement but not the means to become rich. Be responsible, buddies!

Best Casinos

100% up to ₹10,000 + Free 200 Spins
150% up to ₹15,000 + Free 20 Spins
100% up to ₹60,000 + Free 35 Spins
100% up to ₹100,000 + Free Spins
100% up to ₹ 20 000 + Free 10 Spins